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6/8/2004 - Page 15

Teddy & Anna's latest adventure continues with page 15! Today's Production Blog entry has images and behind-the-scenes info.

"The Big Wheel" is a 21 page comic book story, drawn on big 4 1/2 foot by 3 1/2 foot pages. New pages of the story appear four times a week in the front window of COOL, the Cultural Organization of Lowell, at the intersection of Market and Worthen streets in downtown Lowell, Massachusetts.

The story is planned to run from April 30 to June 4, 2004. After the story has finished its run at COOL, it will be printed in mini-comic format. Images of the first eight pages will also be posted on this site.

See and read more about "The Big Wheel" in the Production Blog! The Blog features information about the making of "The Big Wheel", with sketches, details, and more. The Blog updates whenever a new page goes up in the window.

4/30/2004 - Page 1 of The Big Wheel Is Up!

The first page of the story has been posted at COOL! After talking it over with Stephanie McCarthy, COOL's director, the schedule has been changed a bit: pages that go up on Friday will remain up through Monday, with the next page appearing Tuesday morning. This is to give the pages maximum visibility to downtown vistors. So the story will now run at COOL through early June.

I've kept a production blog documenting the making of The Big Wheel, with preliminary sketches, panels, and some complete pages. Stop by the Production Blog to check it out!

4/14/2004 - The Big Wheel

The big (and I mean big) project on my drawing board is the first Teddy & Anna comic book story, "The Big Wheel". It's not a long story -- 21 pages -- but the original artwork is approximately 4 1/2 feet high by 3 1/2 feet wide.

These big pages will be displayed in the front window of the Cultural Organization of Lowell (COOL), a nonprofit arts advocacy group in artist-rich Lowell, Massachusetts. A teaser page will go up on April 22, and the first page of the story on April 30. A new page of the story will appear there each weekday in May.

"The Big Wheel" is an all-new Teddy & Anna adventure, and introduces characters that have not appeared in the animated episodes. A mysterious organization wants to turn back the clock in the Modern City, and Teddy, Anna, and airship pilot Alfred find themselves swept up in the plot. Can they save the city from the iron spokes of the Big Wheel? Well, probably -- they're the heroes of the story. But if you're in the Lowell area, I hope you'll stop by COOL to find out how they do!

Following its run at COOL, "The Big Wheel" will be collected into a mini-comic, so that everyone who missed out on the "live" publication can get in on the fun. In addition, I'll post some of the pages on this site to whet your appetite. More info to come!

3/29/2004 - New Project, Slow Updates

Sorry about the recent lack of updates. I'm at work on a new Teddy project, due to premiere in late April/early May. More news on this later ...

3/10/2004 - Site Update: Prices Lowered on 11" x 14" Prints

I've changed printers for the Standard Size prints, and so I am pleased to announce a 50% price drop. The Standard Size (11" x 14") prints are now $10.00 USD plus $1.50 shipping. Tell your friends! (About the posters, that is; try to work it into your normal conversation.)

3/2/2004 - New Painting: "Hot Pursuit"

hotpursuit watercolor

Click here or on the detail above to see the whole image.

The latest in the watercolor series, showcasing another of Teddy's special talents. I'm having lots of fun translating my characters into paint on paper. More to come ...

2/24/2004 - Anna Painting

anna watercolor

Click here or on the detail above to see the whole image.

I'm getting back to my roots and making some watercolors! After working for hours on the computer, it's nice to sit down and move a brush across some paper. First up is a portrait of our heroine. More paintings to come!

2/4/2004 - Sketchbook #2

A new Sketchbook entry is up! This one shows some line animation -- what each episode looks like before the figures have been colored in. You can even go frame-by-frame to catch all of my drawing mistakes -- er, I mean completely intentional distortions for comic effect.

2/3/2004 - Donations and Shopping Cart Now Available

Whew, it's done! I can now accept credit cards from anyone wanting to buy a print, Video CD, or postcards. Donation via Paypal is also live on the Support page.

In other news ... my apologies to users of IE 5 on Macintosh -- there still seem to be some bugs in the layout. I'm workin' on it ...

1/25/2004 - Sketchbook

Sketchbook is a new occasional feature that will show some of the 'behind the scenes' work that goes into making Teddy & Anna. This week's entry has some of the drawings I've made in preparation for Episode 7, and a diagram of the interior of Fox's airship (which we will be seeing in coming episodes.) Hope you like it!

Also, after some tweaking, the site should display properly in Internet Explorer 6 (*crosses fingers*).

1/18/2004 - Episode 6, Part 4 ...

Episode 6 winds up with Part 4.

In other news ... if you're visiting this site with Internet Explorer 6, you might notice a few visual oddities. I'm working to fix them. More on this later!

1/12/2004 - Episode 6, Part 3

[Edit 1/25/04] The story continues with Part 3 ...

And here's a pretty scene from the upcoming Episode 7:

1/5/2004 - Episode 6, Part 2

[Edit 1/25/04] Formerly available on the Now Playing page, it can be found here.

12/29/2003 - New Look

Hi everyone! I hope you enjoy the new site design. It's intended to be better organized, and to be a smallish download for folks with dial-up connections. Thanks to everyone who gave me suggestions and encouragement on how to improve the site.

Episode 6 begins its run with Part 1. This marks the beginning of my attempt to put Teddy & Anna on some sort of regular schedule. (This is the plan, at any rate: Episode 7 is still not finished as of this date, but I'll do my best to keep new animation coming for you to enjoy.)

Each new episode will be released in four parts, with a new part posted on the Now Playing page on Mondays. I'm working on an interface for this page, which will indicate the most recently posted part and when the others are scheduled to appear, and let you choose which part of an episode to view (in case you came in at part 3 and wanted to start from the beginning.) The interface will also start up the next part (if one is available) after the part you are currently watching has finished playing. But I have to struggle through the ActionScripting for a bit more to get this working.

Once Part 4 of an episode has been posted for a week, the episode will be re-assembled into one movie and sent to the "Previous Episodes" section on this page. As more episodes are posted, the oldest episodes in "Previous Episodes" will move to the Episode Archive page.

10/13/2003 - Out on the Town

Lowell Artists Open Studios will be taking place in Lowell, Massachusetts on the weekend of October 25 & 26. For more information on LOS and a map of studio locations, visit the LOS website. I will have a table at Location #12, The Dove Cafe at St. Joseph the Worker's Shrine, at 37 Lee Street. I'll be happy to chat with you about Teddy & Anna, art, cartoons, and the carefree life of animators.

And, there will be three places in which you can watch the all-new Episode 6:

The VCD will be available at my table, and after Open Studios are over, it will be available from the Purchase page. I will also have Art Prints for sale.

If you're in the area, I hope you will stop by!

More on Episode 6's appearance on this website later ...

8/24/2003 - Small Site Updates

I've added a new background image of some Art Deco-style skyscrapers (those of you in 1024 x 768 resolution will see the whole image.)

The rough animation for Episode 6 is about three-quarters complete. I'm trying out some new techniques in this episode, which I hope will make some improvements to the animation. Thanks to everyone who wrote in with their feedback on the episodes already posted.

I've learned not to make too many promises about when a new episode will be posted, but Episode 6 should be complete by mid-October, at which time I hope to premiere it during the Lowell Open Studios event. More on this later!

6/5/2003 - Greetings

Hello! Welcome to teddyandanna.com. My name is Brian Moore and I'm the creator of Teddy & Anna, an animated web serial. Please visit the Q & A section for background on the series, or use the navigation at the top of the page to watch the episodes or visit other pages on this site.

If you enjoy what you see, I hope you will visit again soon or join the mailing list. There are also Teddy & Anna art prints and postcards available.

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