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9/30/2002 - Look Who's Talking

Here's a sneak peek (84 KB) at Episode 6.

If you live in the Boston area, you might be interested to know that I'm giving a talk on "Creating Web Animation", featuring lots of production art from Teddy & Anna. The talk will be in the auditorium of the Somerville Central Library, on Saturday, October 19, starting at 2 pm. I'll talk about the process I'm using in creating Teddy and show examples of storyboards, character sketches, and animation. The talk is free and open to the public. The Library is at 79 Highland Ave.; for more info visit their site or call (617) 623-5000.

Update 10/2/02: I've created a separate page with the info above and an image of the flyer for the talk.

7/2/2002 - One Year Online

Episode 1 of the series was posted one year ago today. To celebrate I've given the site a long-overdue facelift. Episode 6 -- also, to my mind, long overdue -- is still on the drawing board. I hope to finish it up this month and also get ahead on Episode 7, so that I have one "in the can".

5/5/2002 - Somerville Open Studios

I would like to thank everyone that stopped by my table at the Somerville Open Studios this past weekend. It was wonderful to talk with you about Teddy & Anna and hear your comments about the work. I hope you'll visit here again to watch Episode 6 when it premieres. Mailing list members will receive an email announcement.

This weekend was the first time I was able to see kids' reactions to the cartoon -- that was also a real treat. And finally, thanks to my fellow exhibitors - Sharon Berke, Ian Hart, Caroline Keem, Han Yu, and Jessica Zeigler - for your support (and for not going crazy after listening to my soundtracks all day.)

3/29/2002 - Episode 6 Update

Despite many distractions, Episode 6 is on the drawing board and should be released ... well, probably in late April. Thanks for your patience. Those who stick around will be rewarded by seeing Teddy swing into action!

In other news ... I have been experimenting with some Javascript that prevents email addresses from being harvested by spambots. The protected email address is for the Teddy & Anna mailing list.

1/28/2002 - New Mailing List

Would you like to be informed when a new episode is posted? If so, you may want to join the Teddy & Anna mailing list. Mailing list members will receive an email when a new episode is posted, and other occasional updates about the show (if/when merchandise or DVD's are available, etc.) *UPDATE 2009: This information is very outdated; I'm no longer maintaining the list, and have taken the mailbox down.*

1/7/2002 - Episode 5 complete

Our saga continues with the giant-size Episode 5. Thanks to all the loyal viewers out there for their patience.

12/20/2001 - Episode 5 Update, #2

Part 5 is still under construction, though I hope to post it near the end of next week or early in the week following. Happy Holidays, everyone.

11/11/2001 - Episode 5 Update

Part 5 of the story is under way. A tentative publication date will be announced soon.
Thanks to everyone from Animation Nation for visiting when Episode 4 was posted.

10/18/2001 - Episode 4

Our saga continues with part 4. Thanks to everyone who has kept checking in to look for new episodes! I hope to keep bringing 'em out ... probably on an irregular schedule ...

9/18/2001 - Breakfast with the Fat Man

I know it's not a new episode, but there is a new painting featuring Teddy & Anna on the Illustration page of theplasticbox.com. Our heroes are improbably sharing a meal with that mysterious window-washer from the current storyline. Maybe in the next series of stories this scene will take place ...

9/5/2001 - Writing, writing, writing

I'm in the process of 'tightening up' the story of Teddy & Anna. I have been working with a fairly loose outline of what happens next, and it will be a big relief to me when that outline is more fleshed out. (And the episodes should be more entertaining - the story is about to enter a more action-oriented phase, and it's good to know where everyone will end up after bouncing off the walls.) So again - sorry it's taking awhile to get a new cartoon up, but the break will greatly benefit the cartoon and hopefully your enjoyment of it.

8/24/2001 - Episode 4 Update

Episode 4 is running behind schedule. I apologize to everyone that has been viewing this cartoon regularly. A combination of the vacation, the appearance of other work projects (some of which might pay my rent), and a re-assesment of how long this storyline should be have slowed down my rate of production. Never fear, Teddy & Anna Episode 4 will appear, if not on Monday, then hopefully later in the week.

8/4/2001 - Interview with the animator at BostonCreative.net

Webmaster Chris Akelian has published a profile of me at his website, www.bostoncreative.net. I talk about cartooning, illustration, animation, and even attempt to dispense advice to beginning artists. Please take with a grain of salt.

BostonCreative.net is a portal site, spotlighting Boston area artists, and is shaping up to be a good list of artist's resources, including darkroom rental information and a list of Boston area photographic assistants. Way to go Chris!

8/3/2001 - Prices reduced on theatrical posters

The 11 x 14 inch posters are now available for $15.00 plus shipping, and the 20 x 30 inch posters are available for $75.00 plus shipping. Please see the Purchase page.

7/29/2001 - Episode 3 Update

Episode 3 will probably make its debut late Monday or sometime on Tuesday. This chapter will feature strange revelations, more robots, and a nice view of the city. Stay tuned.

7/23/2001 - Episode 3 is on it's way; Teddy & Anna posters for sale

The third episode of our saga will feature the first appearance of Teddy, Anna's cute, furry, fiercely protective companion. Look for Episode 3 next Monday.

Prints of the three Teddy & Anna theatrical-style posters are for sale! See them on the Purchase page, along with sizes & pricing information.

7/15/2001 - Episode 2 appearing shortly ...

The second installment of our story should be appearing Monday afternoon or evening. Also - since this is going to move rather slowly, I will soon add some new items to the website, including a list of characters, the story so far, background material, etc.

7/1/2001 - Show starts Monday, July 2

After 18 months of fiddling around, I'm finally going to get this started on the web. The first smallish chunk of animation should be posted on this page tomorrow. Soon after there will be a new section on this site, "How It's Made." This will cover the software I use, organizational techniques, animator's drink of choice (it's Dr Pepper (tm)), etc.

After you've seen the show, feel free to email me at address and let me know what you thought!

6/24/2001 - Teddy & Anna 'Theatrical' Posters finished

All three of these 'movie lobby' style posters are available to view: Zeppelin, Anna Jumping, and Above the City. The three posters will be displayed in the windows of the Someday Cafe in Davis Square, Somerville, Massachusetts, for the month of July, as part of the Windows Art Project.

5/7/2001 - New Teddy & Anna section

Anna is my current animation project - a serialized story about a girl, a bear, and the strange world they inhabit. It's a work in progress, and I'm feeling my way as to how I'll go about making it. To get the flavor of the series, please have a look at the trailer. If it piques your interest, please check out the Q&A section below for more information.

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